Godavari is a favorite "Go Green" destination in Kathmandu Valley, because it is only 7kms south of Patan and so close to the Capital of Kathmandu, 14kms away. Godavari is easy to get to, for the good reason that vast Godavari Forest is end of the line (See Google Map). With no heavy through-road traffic to deal with, journey is pleasant, and traffic is light.

The road from Godavari passes through several large plant nurseries, highlighting the importance of the region's botanical importance. The only Botanical Garden in Nepal is located in Godavari. Visitor center organizes major Nepal flora exhibits. Good place for walks and picnics too, in a 200 acre garden which is an extravaganza of plants, trees and ferns. Medicinal and other plants (for ex: Centellum Asiatica) abound in Godavari as do hundreds of varieties of orchids. Bird-lovers should know that there are 265 species of birds recorded in the area. For those who seek peace and quiet and want to get closer to nature, Godavari is a place of choice... and there is plenty of nice fresh air!

PHOTO GALLERY (All images may be subject to copyright)

The following photographs are intended to show the rich bio-diversity, various points of interests and other attractions which make Godavari such a unique place to visit... or to live in. A number of foreigners have already taken up residence there. To know more, contact us or visit our links page.

In the immediate area of the site we can propose located just outside Godavari Village, we invite you to discover a large Organic Farm which now produces peas, coriander, cauliflower, mustard and many other vegetables. The Organic Farm also does fish farming and raising of goats and ducks. See photos in Gallery.

A new Buddhist Meditation center called Dhammakaya International Meditation Center has recently opened its doors, sponsored by Thailand.

New contruction of quality Country Homes in French Provencal Style - in Stone - in this same area are fast becoming extremely popular, catering to Westerners who wish to move away from the polluted big City!

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Good Places to visit:

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www.nepalinvest.com Go green and custom build your dream home in Godavari. Valuable information is given about building energy efficient homes in that same location at Godavari. Proposal is to build in stone, French Provencal style. Information about Resident Visas for Foreign investors.

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